Tuesday, January 25, 2011

new: buttons!

at the suggestion of my sister, i have put handy-dandy reaction buttons on my posts. now, if you feel like letting me know you were here, but don't want to be like "LOL NICE COVER HI K BYE!", you can click one of them. and since the cursor turns into a hand when you click them, you can tell all your friends that you got to touch tits today.


  1. I... don't see them :( Is Blogspot being silly or am I lame and stupid and blind? Usually I can find tits when there are tits to be found on a page. It worries me that I may have lost touch with this skill.

  2. wtf, i thought the fact that i couldn't see them just meant that they didn't want me here like a sad loser, clicking the buttons so people think i'm popular. fucking blogsuck.