Friday, December 14, 2012

"hey, i noticed you didn't have any music on your MUSIC blog."

it appears that mixpod has closed. which means 99% of the posts here are accented by charming apple-esque white space (or in this case, orange space). which then means that unless mixpod suddenly and randomly gets a massive influx of cash and brings all their servers back up real quick-like, i will have to, once again, go through every post on here and update it so you can actually listen to the music. i should probably go ahead and do that, anyway; i'm pretty sure html5 has some music playing-ness that would make this musical truffle-shuffle i've had to do twice now obsolete.

i'll try to post some christmas music or something in the mean time.

bonus video: glory box

song: glory box
cover: john martyn
original: portishead